Friday, January 17, 2014

I am back.....for a little while I think!!!

Ok well it has been forever since I have been on my blog.  I am really going to try harder to be better at this, however I am not making any promises.  You all have seen how horrible I have done in the past when I said I was going to be better.  Here is to wishful thinking!!!

Wow can you believe it is 2014?  It seems crazy but it is a welcomed year.  Last year was a bad one for me and I am making sure this is the best year so far in my life.  As we all do I have goals/resolutions that I would love to obtain this year. Mine vary from spiritual goals to physical goals.  I have quite a lot of them and I am hoping to tackle each of them this year.  So here is my New Year's Resolutions (I have 3 more than what is on here but they are personal and I didn't want them on here!)

-Save money
-Read 40 books
-Finish The Book of Mormon
-Eat healthy
-Work out 5 days a week
-Be a better wife/mom
-Be more understanding
-Be happier
-Stop talking negatively about anyone including myself
- Be kind to everyone
-Be of service to others
-Pay tithing

 So here is to hoping I can make all of my goals this year.  I am excited for what this year will bring!!

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