Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to our life!!!

Hi and welcome to our blog.  I must say this is like my hmm 3rd blog lol I just haven't found the time to keep up with the others however I really want to make this one work so here is to hoping!

I have always leaned on my husband for everything.  Most of wives do.  I have become so use to him being my protector and keeping me safe.  If I hear a bump in the night, have a bad dream, a bad day, receive bad news or really anything he is there to make me feel better and to protect me from being hurt or sad.  I have really never thought about the tables being turned and me having to protect him.  That is until our lives first changed a little over 2 months ago.  It was a Friday morning Shad was off work so he was able to sleep in.  I woke up at 6:45 went about my normal routine plugged in my hair straightener and went to let Khloe out to go potty.  When I got up the stairs and was patiently (ok more impatiently waiting, it was cold) I heard a loud scream.  I ran down stairs thinking something had happened to Brylie maybe she had fallen out of bed, had a bad dream or somehow hurt herself.  As I got down the stairs and glanced in our room I noticed Shad had his arm straight up in the air which I though was rather strange, I flicked on the light and that is when I saw a nightmare, Shad was in convulsions.  His eyes I will never forget they were rolling in the back of his head and he was gagging and turning a bluish color.  I called 911 and I was freaking out I couldn't stop shaking long enough to talk.  He had a seizure in his sleep and he started waking up before medics arrived at our home.  I tried everything I could to keep him lying down; because of the way his mouth looked (almost like it was paralyzed) we thought he had a stroke and 911 told me to keep him lying down.  I couldn't he was too strong and he got very combative.  I was scared to say the least when the police arrived and soon after the medics and they told me it did in fact look like he had suffered from a stroke.  I somehow managed to call my brother to come get Brylie so I could go in the ambulance with Shad.  I can't even describe how I felt going to the hospital.  Luckily when they ran all of his test it came back that he had just suffered from a seizure and when it happened he knocked his jaw out of place.  They popped it back in and quickly told us there was no signs of anything major; tumor, blood on the brain or a stroke.  Some people have one seizure in their lives and never have another again.  Relief flooded over me.  To tell the truth when he first went into his seizure I was scared I was losing him.  It took him a while to fully come to and his memory was very foggy.  I didn't sleep much that weekend all I could do is watch him sleep and pray it didn't happen again.  Real relief finally came when we saw the Neurologist and he told us everything looked fine and he probably wouldn't ever have another.  I finally felt able to sleep and not worry anymore.
Then it struck again.  My sister in law Michelle and I walk every other morning.  We had to skip our Wednesday walk but decided we would go on Thursday.  Thursday morning Michelle text me and said her foot hurt and she wasn't going to go.  I got back in bed thankful I could sleep another 2 hours.  Just when I started to drift I heard a scream that changed my life.  My eyes flew open and this time I knew what it meant.  Shad was having another seizure.  I remained calmer this time around.  I quickly called Shads mom and dad to come over because I can't control him.  I turned him onto his left side like they tell you to do and let him have his seizure.  I ended up having to call 911 because I couldn't control him when he started waking up and he tried leaving the house YIKES!  They came and because he was seeing people who weren't here we decided to take him to the hospital.  They diagnosed him with Epilepsy.  Now my life is forever changed.
As I have thought so much about this all week so many things have came to mind.  I don't know about you but I believe everything happens for a reason.  Although we don't see the positive that things bring I think there are positives that come out of every situation.  I have seen that I need to be strong for my husband and that I need to trust in myself that I do know how to control the situation and it will all be ok.  We will welcome this new thing in our lives because frankly we don't have any other choice.  However it does bring us closer and it makes our love a little stronger.  This is just another hill on our crazy roller coaster ride!

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