Friday, October 26, 2012

Parent Teachers

It is so weird to think that my baby girl is now in Kindergarten.  Where did all the time go?  Isn't it funny how time seems to move to slow but when you look back on it you have to wonder where it all went.  Brylie loves Kindergarten, she is actaully in a transititional Kindergarten because of her being behind due to her Arnold Chiari.  TK (transititional kindergarten) is the best thing for her.  In the 3 months she has been in there she has came such a long way from where she was.
Last night we had our first Parent Teacher conference of the school year.  I was excited to go and hear how Brylie is doing and what we can improve on.  I love Brylies' teacher Mrs. Thomas she is so wonderful and you can see that she truly loves the children in her class.  Mrs. Thomas had lots to say about Brylie like she is doing so great and has come a long ways in a few short months. She also told us although Brylie is doing well she can't tell us where she will go next year, if she will go to regular kindergarten or be put in a special program.  This as a mom was hard for me to hear.  As a mom you want the best for your child. You want them to grow up with out any bullies bothering them, without the fear they are different and see that as a bad thing and you want them to have a perfect life. When I heard this it scared me will there be kids who make fun of her for being in a special class, will she be sad to not be with the other kids who are in regular classes?  After the meeting with her teacher we took her down to the book fair at her school and let her pick out a few books she wanted.  We ended up with Llama Llama Christmas Drama, Silverlicous, and Dream Big Little Pig.

I pondered what her teacher had told us for such a long time.  We ate and it was on my mind, we watched TV and it was still on my mind I finally took a bath to relax and unwind and it still lingered on my mind.  Then came my favorite time of night when I curl up in bed with Brylie and we read our nighttime book.  We picked one of our new books Dream Big Little Pig.  I think it was just the book I needed to read.  The moral of the story is it doesn't matter what others say you can't do or shouldn't do, you do what makes you happy and you will succeed.  After I read I told Brylie she could fall asleep in my bed and as I cuddled up with her I thought long and hard.
Brylie is so incredibly special to so many people.  She truly has a heart of gold and wants everyone to be happy.  I think she was sent to our family for a special purpose and she has brought so much joy and love into our home.  I also thought that she still has a whole school year and even if she has to go to a special class nothing will ever change my special little girl because she does Dream Big.  She teaches me each and every day that it doesn't matter what others think of you because at home is where the only people who matter are.  They are there for you rain, shine, pretty, homely, on a bad day and on good days.  Believing in your self is the best medicine for anything.  So I am going to help Brylie as much as she needs but in the end realize that no matter what it will be ok.  She will go where she is destined to go.

Brylie I love you so so much.  You came into our lives and have changed it for the better every single day.  You make me want to be a more humble person.  You make me want to live a better life and treat everyone equal because that is what they deserve in life.  Thank you for all you teach me and for loving me unconditionally.  I love you to infinity and beyond.

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