Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its just life right?

One of my biggest New Years resolutions was to be a more positive person. I have been doing a pretty good job at it but today not so much. I feel like life has dangled the light right in front of me for a breif period of time. Then before I knew it life had its way of doing what it always seems to do and took us for yet another ride on its fabulous merry go round.
Let me start at the first which happens to be on New Years Eve day. We started to smell a strange yet familiar smell in our house the smell of propane burning (which we smell when we go camping) we thought nothing of it until that night when it got really bad. With some investigating we realized it was our water heater. Up on the floo where it comes out of the house was covered in ice and we thought it was a thermal barrier. The next day Shad got up on our roof and removed the ice. Guess what it didn't work. Last night the smell got incredibly bad we turned on our carbon monoxide detector and it shot up to 350 way high we called Triple T (who by the way are super amazing) they came after hours and figured out the problem. However we needed to leave our house until its fixed. We decided to sleep at Shads mom and dads house. Brylie did not sleep at all she was up most of the night. We finally fell back to sleep around 6. Only to be woken by Shad who was making a fun noise. As I looked at him I realized he was having another seizure. Scared like always though not as much as before I yelled to his mom and dad. He came fnully to about an hour later but his memory was very foggy.
It makes me angry, sad, scared and confused. Why does Shad have to have medical problems? I honestly thought we were in the clear and he would stop having them. Now for the next 3 weeks I wont sleep I will be nervous not only of his seizures but carbon monoxide. I have always been a firm believer that God won't bring us to it if we can't get through it. When will we get through ot though? When will life be normal again? How much more can I handle?
Thanks for allowing me to here I go back to being positive!

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