Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So much for my goal!!!

I am horrible at this. Blogging is maybe not for me I don't know I am so busy at work then when I get home I would rather hang out with Brylie, Shad and our dog Khloe.  Plus the words I think inside my head sound so much better then they do when I type them out.  I guess I am not a very good writer.

Since it is almost the end of November and December is quickly approaching I decided it is time to start a new and get my bloggin a goin.  I really do want to do this.  My life is boring and I probably have only two readers out there maybe but that is ok!

This week I have been thinking of goals with New Years around the corner it is something that has been on my mind.  Things I want for next year.  I want 2013 to be the best year of my life.  I thought I would share with you what I have down so far for my goals

Lose weight: I have been struggling so hard with this one.  I have done so well at one point and lately I have gotten to the point where I do not want to try I want to eat everything that I want and not gain a pound.  However that is sadly not possible.  I have jotted a few things down to help me along the way.  Such as ways to make my sandwiches differently without miracle whip and instead use laughing cow light cheese spread and hollowing out a cucumber and filling it with the laughing cow and turkey.  I truly hope to accomplish this for once and for all!!!
Get out of debt: This is another big one.  By the end of 2013 I want to be completely out of debt or pretty darn near.  Debt is a bad thing it is not fun to be in and most of the time you can never see the end of the tunnel.  If I have a little faith and a lot of will power I will get there!  I love this picture it shows exactly what debt is.
Be a better person: Lately I have noticed a lot of negativity coming from myself.  I find that I am also being so hard on myself and jealous of others takes over a lot.  I tend to look at the negative things in life and not the good.  It is time to change and be the person I once was.  Caring, compassionate, understanding and positive.  I want to be a better me!

Spend more time doing family things

Start my Rory Gilmore Reading List

For now I think these ones are looking pretty good!  I will add some more when I come up with them.  Trust me there are a lot!!!  I really want to accomplish a ton of things this upcoming year:)